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Recording your band… fast and well!

I have been playing in a cover band for the past 10 years… The infamous PPBoys! A five piece band, with singer, lead and rythm guitars, bass and drums (yours truely). At first, we reheased in commercial rehearsing spaces, in town. When my family unit moved into a house in the suburbs, a room in…

Microphone 101

Here is a short two-part explanation of

  1. the way microphones work
  2. how to understand the specifications of a microphone
  3. the overall characteristics of the main two types of microphones (dynamic & condenser)
  4. standard use cases for each type of microphone

FYI, there are other types of microphones. You may have heard of ribbon microphones, for example. But for a 101, this is plenty. The Pareto rule of 80/20 is respected 🙂

These videos are courtesy of Shure. The marketing plug is very light compared to the well laid out content… This is why I have elected to refer to these videos.


Part 1:

Part 2:

The 1200 Euro/Dollar recording studio challenge

As a follow up to the 600 Euro/Dollar studio challenge, what if I had no recording gear and 1 200 units of one those two currencies ? Let’s keep the rules just the same as in our first challenge: I have a computer and I record acoustic intruments track per track. Ahhh! I feel rich……

The 600 Euro/Dollar recording studio challenge

You have a mission! Gear up a new home studio with only 600 Euros or 600 Dollars. Do you accept ? This message will self-destruct… Well, it would be a challenge. But, as Frank LLoyd Wright put it: “take a zero off your budget and it will be more creative” (I am paraphazing). Now, before…