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The saga of the TB-303

Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Live

If you are a fan of analog, this is a fascinating piece. With the help of 3 cohorts, Jean-Michel Jarre reproduces live his 1976 masterpiece “Oxygene”. Listen to that timeless / beautiful sound. Look at the way it is produced. Here is the list of gear used here: ARP 2600 A.K.S Synthesizer EMS VCS3 R.M.I….

9 different drum machines

Are you looking for a drum machine?
Here are 9 mini sequences that demo 9 of the leading options available on the market today:

00:07 Roland AIRA TR-8
01:58 Korg Volca Beats
03:29 MFB Tanzbar
05:11 MFB 522
06:22 Vermona DRM1 mkIII
08:18 Nord Drum 2 and Nord Beat
09:40 Elektron Machinedrum
12:31 TipTop Audio BD808,BD909,SD808,,Hats808,Hats909,909CP
14:02 BKE Beat Thang

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