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Sound better with SoundBetter.com

Up to now, how did musicians with recording projects find their team, their recording studio, their mixing engineer, their mastering engineer? By their personal network and word of mouth… That’s great if you are an insider. Not so great if you are an outsider, like most of us homestudio owners! That’s where SoundBetter.com can help….

Don’t loose your headroom

Here is a tip for the digital age: Keep your individual track recording levels below -8db and keep your global mix levels below -3db! This hasn’t always be the case. In the analog days, we were taught to record tracks as close to 0db as possible… and above! This was to limit the tape noise….

Etienne Tremblay’s “Machine à mixer”

If you speack french… or french canadian, to be more precise, you will love this YouTube channel.
Etienne is not only super entertaining as a presenter, but the content of his clips are very interesting and useful!

Here is his most popular “capsule”:

LANDR – Mastering for the rest of us?

Montreal’s MixGenius has just recently launched LANDR, an online automated mastering solution. Let it be said: mastering is often overlooked or missunderstood by home studio owners. Our productions rarely make it to vinyl or CD format, why bother? And we have mastering plug-ins to fight the loudness war, right? Well, my experience shows that using…