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Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Live

If you are a fan of analog, this is a fascinating piece. With the help of 3 cohorts, Jean-Michel Jarre reproduces live his 1976 masterpiece “Oxygene”. Listen to that timeless / beautiful sound. Look at the way it is produced. Here is the list of gear used here: ARP 2600 A.K.S Synthesizer EMS VCS3 R.M.I….

Recording your band… fast and well!

I have been playing in a cover band for the past 10 years… The infamous PPBoys! A five piece band, with singer, lead and rythm guitars, bass and drums (yours truely). At first, we reheased in commercial rehearsing spaces, in town. When my family unit moved into a house in the suburbs, a room in…

DAW – which to choose?

With his permission, this is the english transcript of Etienne Tremblay’s YouTube video by the same name, but in french (“Logiciels (DAW) – Lequel choisir?”). Here is Etienne’s video: Here is my english transcript: “Hi there! This is Etienne Tremblay from La machine à Mixer. Today we will talk about software (DAW)… I should have…

Want to be a DJ?

Canada’s DJBolivia gives us a good DJ’ing 101…
If you like this video, there are many more on DJBolivia’s channel!