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is Reel to Reel back ?

Along with the craze for analog summing, it seems we are seeing the comeback of reel to reel. Now, except if you are more than half a century old, it is not likely that you have ever put your hands on one of these machines. So here is some information you might find useful on…

Analog summing – part 1

You may have heard… There is an industry debate over which is better sounding: A mix produced with mathematic precision inside your DAW… a process known as “ITB”, for “in the box” A mix produced by the good old transistor/tube/mojo assisted wire summing of an analog console, and more specifically by a summing mixer… a…

Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Live

If you are a fan of analog, this is a fascinating piece. With the help of 3 cohorts, Jean-Michel Jarre reproduces live his 1976 masterpiece “Oxygene”. Listen to that timeless / beautiful sound. Look at the way it is produced. Here is the list of gear used here: ARP 2600 A.K.S Synthesizer EMS VCS3 R.M.I….

Arturia’s MiniBrute as pedagogical tool

I confess… I know nothing about analog substractive synthesis, LFOs, Oscillators, Filters… Strangely, this has not stopped me from indulging in a strange fetishism: Moog window-liking, salivating over knobby contraptions, such as this latest cutty (sorry, phatty), the Moog Sub 37: Maybe it is the shear optimism of having owned synths with presets. Maybe it…

Dave Grohl’s idea of a garage home studio

As a counterpoint to the last post, here is Dave Grohl’s (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) version of a garage home studio… And beyond that, this is a well made documentary on the tape-based recording process. Enjoy!