Spring cleaning is good anytime of the year!
To keep your gear working properly, it regularly needs cleaning and dusting.
You may also, like me, come across vintage analog gear that needs much love to express its true warmth.

To this point, I recently purchased, for two tooth picks and a nail, an old 80s mixing console: the not particularly noteworthy Yamaha MQ 1602. The chap I bought it from had it stashed in a car garage since the 80s too.

Yamaha MQ1602

As this picture shows, it has seen better days:

  • The wood paneling is badly scratched
  • Two fader knobs are missing
  • When I first plugged it in, it made constant hum noise and all faders and pots cracked.

My first reaction was: “Ouch! I would have been better off keeping those two tooth picks and a nail!”

My second reaction was Youtube… And hope was restored 🙂

If you are interested, watch this:

I applied the repetitive fader moving plus wrist-breaking potentiometer turning on channel 1 of the Yamaha MQ1602… And it works! The cracks and haphasard pan/volume/EQ changes are gone. Wow!

Happy Feng Shui to you:-)

P.S.: Concerning the missing fader knobs… This is a harder fix for this out-dated model.
I am thinking of using 3D printing for that… More on that later!