Many songwriters and music producers will know this scenario:

I have just come up with a witching good song!!!

  • melody, chords, lyrics and all…
  • just melody and chords
  • just lyrics

And now I need to share it, otherwise I will get no

  • feedback
  • collaboration
  • demo done
  • publishing
  • record deal
  • radio play
  • live exposure
  • $$$$$$

But wait! This is could be the next “Billy Jean”… I don’t want my song stolen…

A lot of good songs have died just there and then.
(you may also make the case that a lot of bad songs stayed where they should have stayed too)

As we, readers, write the good songs.
So what can we do to protect our creative material?

Until a few years ago, you could do things like:

  • (less money option) mail yourself a sealed envelop and keep that unsealed envelop in your personal volt/archives until needed as proof of your precedence. Certified mail being better than regular mail, naturally.
  • (more money option) deposit your intellectual property to the US / UK (or any other national) copyright office.

These options are still available to us, but the Internet brings cheaper and more immediate solutions:
private copyright registrars/protectors, if I may say.

There are 3 that come immediately to my mind:

I have used the latter, SafeCreative, and find very user-friendly.
Drag and drop your song, give it a name and a protection type and “voilà”!


You can also use these services to copyright your blog posts, your videos, your books, your ideas…
Don’t take my word for it, investigate!!
Freedom to share, collaborate and promote is just a few clicks away 🙂