we are happy to announce that producerDesk.com has evolved
and is now much more social.

follow a song version

you can now decide to follow song versions.
in doing so, you will get email notifications of new comments written by others.

like a song version or comment

give quick feedback
by liking either a song version or a comment.

flag a song version or comment as inappropriate

listen to a song version that you know infringes intellectual property…
read a comment from a troller… flag it!
after 3 user flags, that content will be hidden!

link to a specific time in a song version

by typing @ and a time (like @2:46), others are now able to click and go directly to that point in the song.

spread the word

we need you to start spreading the word to other music producers.
thank you so much for your help 🙂

Safari on Mac issue

sadly, we have an issue with the Safari navigator not playing back audio files. we are working on a fix.