I relay here another new feature we have added this week to producerDesk.

So far, audio file sizes on producerDesk were limited to 10 Mb, which is fine for song-length mp3-quality audio. But not enough for more demanding professional users.

This is where our new “HD” subscription comes into play.
For 99 Euros per year, folks wanting to share high-definition audio files will be able to upload files up to 128 Mb in size.

HD plan - up to 128 Mb audio files

If you use producerDesk to get mix or mastering feedback from paying customers, this new plan will be perfect for you.

Here is an idea of what is possible if you use the WAV lossless format:

Definition 16 bit, 44.1 KHz, Stereo 24 bit, 48KHz, Stereo 24 bit, 96KHz, Stereo
Size per min. 10.584 Mb 17.28 Mb 34.56 Mb
Capacity of 128 Mb 12min 7min 30s 3min 42s

The free plan is still there, of course. Its file size limit is 10Mb.

Enjoy !