I have been playing music, in some form or other, since the tender age of six.

First, it was for my mother… her “carrots” (my first watch, if I made it to the next level at the conservatory) and her “sticks” (ear-pulling was her specialty. “Ouch!”).

Later, is was to vent… on adolescence and its lot of new emotions and frustrations. First encounter with love. Being missunderstood. Misunderstanding. 15th encounter with love. All the same, it helped to sit at the piano and let it all out!

Then it was to be a rock star (laugh)… To impress the girls, to live the lifestyle.
If not the rock star himself, at least somewhere close by.

Even later, with a burgeoning family and career, it was to escape… I picked up the drums and joined a drummer-less group of like-minded guys with their own burgeoning families and careers. Camaraderie trumped the quality of our musical performance. And that is fine.


Now in my early 40s, I sometimes wonder: why music?
After some initial hesitation, it is clear:

To start, for personal enjoyment.
I have picked up the habit of hunting vinyl, like some start smoking cigars.
Listening to good music on a good stereo is life’s most dependable pleasures.

Secondly, for personal therapy.
I make a point of sitting at the piano once a day to sing it all out.
10 minutes later, I am energized. It is therapeutic. That’s all.

Finally, to leave something behind.
Those dozens of recordings of my music, spanning many years, good ones and bad ones, are a testament.
They will be the most significant production of this simple life.


So, whatever your reasons for playing, whatever the stage of life you are in, just do it!
Don’t ever stop… ever!