Routine starts after 2 instances…
Maybe, but not at the NAMM tradeshow!

I was kind of dreading this third day.
Tired feet… Tired ears… Crowds… The “What else is there to see?”…

Surprisingly, this has been the best day so far!
It kind of felt like big business was done and as now the crowds are here, tradeshow exhibitors made themselves more approachable to non-introduced onlookers (like me).

Moog is not only going modular…


Dave Smith got the Sequential brand name back from Yamaha and will soon get my money!
I was especially impressed by the less-recent Prophet’08.


UAD is showcasing its upcoming console 2…
… And we will now be able to daisy chain multiple Apollos!!


And the EuroRacks booths are still as active.


One more day to go!