You may be wondering why the lack of recent posts…
Well, for the last couple month, with a small team, I’ve been busy putting together a new online service I hope will serve the music production community and musicmakers at large.

The baby was born yesterday @ 15:03.
We’ve named it producerDesk (!

It’s a small baby at this point, but already it covers a first need, a first itch that I have had for years.

get feedback

As a composer and producer, working out of my home studio, I can’t count the times, in those wee hours of the night, after finessing and re-finessing, when I would have loved share the latest version of my arrangement or mix with someone who cares and get feedback.

Simple things like:

  • “there is way too much bass”
  • “in the third chorus, the singer is slightly out of tune”
  • “at 2:45 I hear some clipping”
  • “sorry, but I don’t feel nothing, no groove” (ouch!)

Sure, I should hear all these things on my own… But sadly, that’s not the way it is. Maybe because of the countless hours spent. Maybe because I lack certain expertise. Maybe because I don’t have the correct gear.

In anycase, the idea with producerDesk is to get that feedback.


“But why not simply upload it to SoundCloud ?”, you may say.

Well, SoundCloud and other services like it seem to cater to finished music productions.

producerDesk’s thing is to facilitate what comes before that. Like a creative incubator for your music, producerDesk looks at music production like process. The “wash, rinse, dry, wash again” cycle that we all gone through to end up with the perfect audio… that we could then post on SoundCloud or push to iTunes and Spotify.

To do this, we have implemented “versions”.

In the pre-production phase, you may start by posting your demo as a version and get a first batch of feedback off of that. Soon after (and thanks to that feedback, we hope), you may post another version… and get feedback on it. Even later, in the production phase, you may post an other version of your song and in post-production, 3 alternative mixes… You get the idea.

public or private

Finally, I thought some of you may not want everyone to see their unfinished material. You may only want to share it with a select team. So we implemented a “private” option.

Everyone needs to log in to access producerDesk content.
But if you flag it as “private”, your song and its versions will:

  • not show up in the “public” list
  • only be seen by people with the exact URL

beginning of an aventure

… And this is just the beginning of a long aventure! At least, that’s what I hope.
We have tons of ideas and this could go in many different directions.

Go check it out! Give me your feedback!
Is this useful to you? What would make it even better?
Let me know.