Ear training is all important in the field of recording!

This being said, frequency analysis tools have a role to play.
To start, there are certain frequencies, on each extreme of the sound spectrum, that do we do not hear, that have no musicality, that impact the quality of playback.
And, even though our trained ears hear faster than our eyes can read a graph, you’ll be surprised by what is revealed through a visual representation of our recordings.

My advice is therefore to get to know, at minimum, your DAWs on-board frequency analysis plug-in/tool.

In my Logic Pro template, I have it as standard on the Output track, ready to be clicked on for viewing:


When dealing with an individual track, I will more readily rely on the Analyser intergrated into the channel EQ. Switching between “Pre” and “Post” enables me to see the impact of the EQ.

Sadly, the on-board frequency analyzers are rarely very precise or feature rich.
That’s where third-party solutions come into play.

There are many!
One offering that stands out comes from Blue Cat Audio.
Here is an in-depth video set produced by Streamworks Audio that reviews their FreqAnalyst Multi.
“Multi” is no small refinement! It enables you to visualize simultaneously the individual tracks of your production and how they interact with each other.