With new gear coming into my home studio, I have taken the opportunity to revisit the entire setup.
This includes

  1. Sitting my Event 20/20 BAS on concrete blocks filled with (dried) sand.
  2. Moving my mixing position so as to make sure the speakers are at least 1 meter from the nearest wall.

To test the result, I hoped over to AudioCheck, the self-branded “largest collection of online sound tests”.
Well, I have to handed to them: their site is very well made and stocked with dozens of audio tests of all kinds

Their “Sound Tests and Test Tones” section enabled me to check that all was in working order:

  • Frequency response tests
  • Distortion tests
  • Stereo imaging tests
  • Dynamic range tests

Every test begins with a short but useful explanation of the physics or concepts involved. You may find this resource useful to review some of these concepts (aliasing, dithering, LEDR…)

Once I knew the speakers were operational, I headed over to the “Blind Audio Tests”. The question being: is the man in front of the speakers operational ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Smallest difference in sound level
  • Highest frequency
  • Smallest difference in pitch…

There are many interesting tests to try out.

I was surprised, for example, to be barely able to differentiate a 0.5db change in levels… and definitely not a 0.2db change in levels.
When I look back at all thatย  tinkering with such small values when mixing, it makes me wonder ๐Ÿ™‚