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Facebook login added to producerDesk

A quick post to let you all know that we have added Facebook login capacity to   No more excuses for not trying it out 🙂

producerDesk v1.2 is here!

we are happy to announce that has evolved and is now much more social. follow a song version you can now decide to follow song versions. in doing so, you will get email notifications of new comments written by others. like a song version or comment give quick feedback by liking either a song…

Logic Pro levels and meters

Wow, here is a great tutorial to understand sound levels and their metering within Logic Pro. Enjoy!

Protecting your song

Many songwriters and music producers will know this scenario: I have just come up with a witching good song!!! melody, chords, lyrics and all… just melody and chords just lyrics And now I need to share it, otherwise I will get no feedback collaboration demo done publishing record deal

Coaching for Music Producers

Music making is an art, certainly! It is also a science, a sport… A human creative endeavor… that forces us to face our idiosyncrasies: procrastination, writer’s block, discipline (or lack of), fear, misconceptions… It isn’t another tutorial on parallele compression that will help you there 🙂 But Mike Monday might! His Youtube channel focuses on…

Avid’s “From creation to final mix” series

Avid is promoting its gear with the “heart of a teacher” 🙂 If you are a beginner and you want to peak into pro-level production process, you will find this 6-part video series interesting. For my part, I found it interesting to see the type of gear used by Fab Dupont, the producer. I also…