Month: March 2015

Understanding patchbays

Here is a very well produced and informative video on patchbays, provided by Project Studio Handbook. If you find it useful, you will want to check out the other tutorials video this generous site provides home studio owners… Enjoy!

Protecting your song

Many songwriters and music producers will know this scenario: I have just come up with a witching good song!!! melody, chords, lyrics and all… just melody and chords just lyrics And now I need to share it, otherwise I will get no feedback collaboration demo done publishing record deal

Free sound tests for your speakers

With new gear coming into my home studio, I have taken the opportunity to revisit the entire setup. This includes Sitting my Event 20/20 BAS on concrete blocks filled with (dried) sand. Moving my mixing position so as to make sure the speakers are at least 1 meter from the nearest wall. To test the…