Month: November 2014

What pains you?

We all hate surveys… So here is the shortest one to be! But, with its large single text field, you can let it all out… And we will compile your answers and turn it into fodder for a future post 🙂 Thank you for your feedback!

9 different drum machines

Are you looking for a drum machine?
Here are 9 mini sequences that demo 9 of the leading options available on the market today:

00:07 Roland AIRA TR-8
01:58 Korg Volca Beats
03:29 MFB Tanzbar
05:11 MFB 522
06:22 Vermona DRM1 mkIII
08:18 Nord Drum 2 and Nord Beat
09:40 Elektron Machinedrum
12:31 TipTop Audio BD808,BD909,SD808,,Hats808,Hats909,909CP
14:02 BKE Beat Thang

I hesitate…

The recording revolution

I’d like to give a shout out for the recording revolution, one of the resources you should know about if you are a home studio owner. Graham Cochrane, who heads the effort, gives very articulate, useful and pragmatic advice for anyone looking to improve their recording projects. Although some of his content is for pay,…

From demo to single…

The homestudio is THE place for putting together a demo. Here are some examples of now famous songs and their first incarnations as demos. I’ve selected one per decade… For 60s, Ellie Grennwich / Ronnettes – Be my baby Demo Album For the 70s, Pink Flyod – Money Demo Album For the 80s, Cindy Lopper…

Giggem, LinkedIn for musicians

I wish I had the idea before Emir Turan ! And beyond the idea (which I had second), I have hand it to him… Giggem, his LinkedIn for us musicians is very well implemented. It promises something music amateurs and professionals could all do with… More connections and therefore more opportunities! Whether your on the…

Frequency analysis

Ear training is all important in the field of recording! This being said, frequency analysis tools have a role to play. To start, there are certain frequencies, on each extreme of the sound spectrum, that do we do not hear, that have no musicality, that impact the quality of playback. And, even though our trained…